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Re: Starting an all-women's class


It is pretty powerful that a few men act in a way that upsets you. I see that more as the real issue. It might be a good idea for you to get a class just for women who feel the way you do.

I understand the uncomfortableness a person can experience when others attitudes are upsetting. Bullies in the dojo isn't a nice thing to experience physically or verbally. Bullies can be both male and female who target males or females and both. When faced with someone who harasses others it is best to form your own group getting away from the harasser. I know some people who are targeted will stay and not leave believing any person who attacks them is a bully. Now learning Aikido to deal with bullies is the very reason to go to class, it is empowering to them. So a dojo bully or two is part of practice.

I would suspect that getting more of the type of women you wish in the class would help insulate against the problem males.
Well anyway, I think you have a difficult situation on your hands and the best of luck with getting the type of women you need for your class.

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