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Re: Belt rankings in Aikido

Originally posted by Jorx
Yup I know that the coloured belt system formed in Britain. Japan had just white belt (students) and black belt (seniors) which was implemented by Jigoro Kano.
According to Jigoro Kano's book "Kodokan Judo", the system implemented by Kano was actually:
beginner- 4th Kyu white belt
3rd kyu - 1st kyu brown belt
Shodan black belt

Did the (other) coloured belts used in Judo really originate in Britain? Does anyone know more about how that came about?

Aikido was first introduced to the UK by visiting Judo instructors, who generally taught it to their Judo students at first.
So perhaps it just made sense for them to use the same system that the students were already used to.

I've noticed that a lot of Aikido organisations also use hakama to denote rank. So perhaps when we're talking about belt colours in different organisations, we should also mention when people start wearing hakama (if at all).

The system used in Shodokan in the UK goes:

beginner - white
8th kyu - red
7th kyu - red
6th kyu - red
5th kyu - yellow
4th kyu - orange
3rd kyu - green
2nd kyu - blue
1st kyu - brown
dan grades - black

And nobody wears hakama, regardless of rank.

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