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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Christopher Li wrote: View Post
So it would be OK if someone created a whites only class as long as people of color had other classes that were available to them?

I thought that argument had been more or less settled in the 1950's...


First, please read my post in total and consider it as my entire point.

And, yes, it would be okay to create a class for whites if the whites were in the minority in a situation in order to offset the racial disparity in the particular dojo. And, so long as that class did not take away the current training opportunities of the African Americans.

And no, that argument was not more or less settled in the 1950's. The solution only BEGAN in the 1950's and continued on into the 1970's and beyond. There is a lot of other case law that followed that to address the issue of discrimination. And this is NOT the segregation of the 1950's. Women are not being forced to train exclusively in the women's classes and not being allowed to train with the men. And, men are not being forced to train in men's only classes and not being allowed to train with the women. That would be what Brown v. Board of Education ended. This is not what is going on here.

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