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Because, it's not sexism. Men are not being prevented from training in the dojo as there are many classes available to them to train. Women are neither being prevented from taking the other classes nor are they being forced to take the women's only class. Judith and Jennifer, am I correct in assuming that you are not replacing classes already in existence where male dojo members would lose an opportunity to train? And there are additional intro classes offered as well in which anyone can join? It would be sexism to start a women's only dojo. It would be segregation to force all women to only take the women's only class. It would be reverse discrimination to take away classes from the men so that there can be separate women's class. What I see is that they are creating a women's only class in an effort to make up for gender disparity in their dojo. I also do not see them saying you can not create a special men's only class either. But, men are not the ones on the receiving end of the inequality - the women are. This is a rational solution to a perceived inequality.

My suggestion to both Jennifer and Judith is to fully invest in it and see what works out. More power to you.

Anne Marie Giri
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