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Re: Taiji Motion study

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
Nah, as has been repeatedly show, you don't want to "explain Ki in other terms", Erick, you want people to explain Ki in terms that must agree with your criteria. Period. In other words, you've set yourself up as the sole arbiter of what is the correct way to explain something that you know nothing about.
Not my criteria. Bishop Berkeley, Sir Isaac, and one or two others you may have heard of. There is nothing to arbitrate except the correspondence of physical principles to physical actions. If one understands the principle one can see the action that corresponds or does not and make one's own judgment.

As to Qi, the terms of Qi are this:
Zhang Zai wrote:
The Supreme Harmony is known as the Dao...Because in it there are interacting qualities of floating and sinking, rising and falling, movement and quiescence, therefore there appear in it the beginnings of the emanating forces which [harmonize one another,] agitate one another, overcome or are overcome by one another, and contract and expand, one with regard to the other."
太和所謂道,中涵浮沈、升降、動靜、相感之性,是生絪縕、相盪、勝負、屈伸之始 :
Zhang Zai wrote:
The Supreme Void cannot but consist of qi; this qi cannot but condense to form all things; and these things cannot but disperse so as to again form the Supreme Void. The perpetuation of these movements in a cycle, is inevitable and thus spontaneous.
The Qi of yin and yang fills up the Supreme Void; outside this there is nothing, neither is there any gap. All heavenly phenomena and earthly shapes are within its boundaries.
陰陽二氣充滿太虛, 此外更无他物, 亦无間隙, 天之象, 地之 形, 皆其所范圍也。
Wong Fu-zhi wrote:
In the life of man, heaven produces his energy, earth produces his form. These are combined and create a man.
凡人之生也,天出其精 地出其形 合此以為人

With harmony there comes life, without harmony there is no life.
Yin qi condensing forms quiescent matter, earthly shapes. Yang qi, dispersing becomes invisibly active energy, heavenly phenomena, all cycling from one to the other.

Mass, velocity, cycling around a center or mean 中.

That is angular momentum -- when yang phase is dominant.
That is moment (potential for angular momentum) -- when yin phase is dominant.

What's your problem with the correspondence in the traditions here?


Erick Mead
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