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Re: Starting an all-women's class

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Actually, I remember a thread that was here some years ago, about an all male dojo. I'll have to search it out and see what I said then...I wonder how much my ideas have changed...

Here is the post that started a lot of the controversy:

Link to the entire thread in upper right hand corner.

That was a great thread until it was hijacked by certain argumentative people for their own agenda(s). Instead of a discussion it became a witch hunt and very ugly.

Knowing what I know now about Sensei Linden, as I had a sit down with him last year at his dojo, You would view that thread, his responses and him in a different light. But as Fate would have it, dont ask me to clarify, as he asked me to keep our conversation private and I intend to do so. Since that thread wont die a death it deserves, I thought it important not to judge Sensei Linden until you meet him yourself.

I dont see the need for all of this hullabaloo. Its a good idea to start a woman only class to help bring in more woman into the dojo, if thats their goal. Its a bad idea to keep the woman in a women only class.

Personally all people should be exposed to Martial Arts. It helps complete the education cycle. The martial arts bring together the physical and the mental aspects of being human, and really makes the connection between the two.

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