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Re: Making Kote Gaeshi Work - With Resistance

Demetrio Cereijo wrote: View Post
In my experience, people can stiff their wrist when they are balanced. If they're busy regaining balance they usually can't put much strenght in their wrist.
Your right...with this one guy I was relying on just bending his wrist and not so much on taking his balance - which I suppose would be a wise practice with each aikido move?

One problem I have is that Im trying to be careful with the uke.
Like yesterday I went to do Kotegaeshi ura.
As I spin around, pulling ukes arm down to take balance - the uke decided to play around and 'escape' from the technique. (again this is not the norm, but sometimes they 'horse play' - of course its not when sensei is looking. I know, it sounds like a kindergarten the way Im describing it.)

But again, he was able to get out of the move, as when I do kotegaeshi ura I try to be careful as not to mess someones wrist up.

I know from experience when your going fast in one direction and then nage turns around rips your wrist in the opposite direction...if your not ready - it hurts.

So some of the problems are stemming from the lower grade belts 'horsing around' and not understanding why the rules of the dojo are there.

Anyway...great comments from everyone.



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