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Re: Close to the center

Stefan Stenudd wrote: View Post
1 Extend uke's arm forward, before making the kotegaeshi twist. Like mentioned earlier: tori's movement is from uke's elbow toward the wrist, and pushing on in that direction.
2 Keep uke's hand right in front of your center, and use your whole body in the twist. When uke is very strong, you need to keep the hand very close to your center, maybe even hold it against your belly.
Point one is definitely something I need to practice more with all my moves...which is to focus, as I move, on how to take Ukes balance by over extending their reach, twisting an arm/wrist, etc....and not just 'walk' through the movements.

I suppose a lot for me is just trying to memorize what moves are what. Now that Im getting the moves 'down' (well the basic ones) I can focus more on unbalancing uke and keeping center.

Thanks for the post..

All of the post have been welcomed and enlightening... given me a lot to think about. Again, the whole experience taught me that there are layers to Aikido...(stating the obvious here, but I meant more than what I initially anticipated...) suppose just like real life.


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