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Re: Making Kote Gaeshi Work - With Resistance

Jo Duncan wrote: View Post
We've done some resistance on the old kote gaishi.

I find that resistance is effective when nage attempts to do the technique on the wrist using his / her hands. If you try to do the wrist turn with the intention of taking their centre by moving your whole body then KG comes on like a daemon.

peace and love

You know - I have a feeling, that although I am moving my body...I am not keeping center.
I think Im still at the stage where Im happy to remember the steps and I need to focus on maintaining a center stance throughout.

At the begining I was horrible at arms wanted to work alone...and your right, even though my body mind has it set that its my hands that are folding the ukes hands...

One comment that I know has been told to me time and again it would seem, is that Im too 'stiff' - 'tense' in my movements.
My body tenses up to get ready to 'punch' (best way to describe it - well maybe 'fight' would be a better description.

Again, this comes with time, I suppose and reflects (hopefully) in each belt level.

There is still the part of cooperation on ukes part - if they are just being plain stubborn and you do everything with a center movement, it might 'shake' them up and they might take offense. (i.e., think your being to rough, but yet discount the fact there not helping out in the overall scheme of what is happening.)

Aikido is very interesting in that you are depedning - working with others - who have a different take on how they want to do something.

Tyically sensei can track this down...but sometimes it gets past by, and again with the language barrier (limited knoweldge of each others language) Aikido can be a real challenge. is hoping my feet and hands and body start working as one unit and not independent of each other.


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