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Re: Making Kote Gaeshi Work - With Resistance

Dieter Haffner wrote: View Post
So Dalen, perhaps you can try to make kotegaeshi work by grabbing above the wrist and without the cranking. If sensei allows it offcourse, always do what sensei says (or shows ) first.

Btw: with 'you' I dont me you, Dalen, but the general aikidoka. I hope you (Dalen ) got something out of my rambling.
- about the rules...
technically speaking Sensei has addressed the issue of lower ranks needing to do the technique properly, without resisting at this stage. (I mean stubborn resistance, we do have normal tension)
For one you dont get a proper perspective...the guy thinks his resistance works...but thats because he knows what Im Im not applying force.

problem is I dont think these guys heard sensei when he mentioned it months back...dont know they had even started training yet.

What your saying about getting them off balance with grabbing by the wrist has caught my attention.

Technically speaking you grab by the wrist before you 'crank' with the other hand? Right? So Im trying to understand exactly where you are coming from.

Is this more of a grab the wrist and a quick move downward?

It seems the main problem is they are using force to actively resist the technique- and Im going through the motion...yes with some force, but very controlled as not to hurt anyone with the twisting of the wrist. (but not enough force to overcome their force)

If I met them with the same amount of energy they had there would be serious risk for injury at this stage...and this is why Sensei doesnt want us trying to go all out - to keep it controlled. - again they dont seem to get it.

So as I do this, Im trying to get the hand to crank without going full out...which would end up getting them hurt and then I would be the one at fault as it were - because of their lack of cooperation and my energy trying to meet theres.

Not sure how clear this is in writing...trying to spell it out to give as clear of picture as to what is happening.

The point, I suppose would be if indeed this technique would work against someone who, as you put it, has wrist problems - i.e., it doesnt want to bend because they are resisting - without hurting them from too much force.



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