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Belt rankings in Aikido

I know this has come up probably somewhere before but... those who know exactly will be glad to show how smart they are...

Yup I know that the coloured belt system formed in Britain. Japan had just white belt (students) and black belt (seniors) which was implemented by Jigoro Kano. So has Aikido most ordinarily - white - kyu; black - dan.

BUT I know that many dojos use coloured belts (most commonly brown for sempai 3rd to 1st kyu). And I'm sick of explaining to non-Aikido persons that I have a white belt after three years and why. So what would be let's say karate's equivalents (I hope that word exists in english)? (karate because one day my sensei pointed out that in Estonia there exist three martial arts for the ordinary man: karate; judo and kickboxing )

My understanding:
6th kyu = yellow
5th kyu = orange
4th kyu = green
3rd kyu = blue
2nd kyu = purple
1st kyu = brown
all dan grades = black but if you want to be poshy you can add golden stripes etc etc...

Correct me when I'm wrong and let me know of your opinions. And please: no long discussions on the subject that "a belt is not imortant, it's to hold up your pants" I know that... that's not what this thread is about.

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