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Re: Making Kote Gaeshi Work - With Resistance

I wanted to add for clarification that its not the full body that is resisting...its only the hand being stiff.

See, it never really occured to me, as the hand is already kind of tense to begin with, and as the body moves the tork happens and thus its to much pain to resist.

But these two dudes are going into it, following the movement - but keeping their hands tight so as to avoid the proper motion for the tork in the hand...which is pointless as that is what takes them down to begin with. (i.e. going down as to avoid the pain of resistance to the hand/wrist tork.)

I suppose if I somehow did something different with my move as they spin around with me...I could get them to loosen the hand.
(But that would only be effective in ura.)

Here is the real problem, and I wish I could explain it to them properly. (My Hungarian is not good enough and Sensei already tried to tell the group, not sure if they were even there when he mentioned it though.) And that is simply they think that they are doing something cool by resisiting...but Im not going at full speed of full power.

So they think they have a solution when they are just messing with practice. If we both went for it someone would get hurt...guess this is how it is sometimes in the beginning phases...some people try to run before they can walk.

But regardless, if there is a pressure point I can loosen them up with that would be cool. (We used to have some senior students that practiced this, but they went on to do their own thing - they got tired of the same old stuff it seems.)

I have to admit, I just thought kote gaeshi worked...but now Im a bit disappointed. Again, I know that this is an awkward set they know the move about to be done...and Im not trying to do things with force to hurt Im trying to keep that in mind not to be discouraged.

Hope this makes some sense.



- so in short, its awkward to see them on the floor doing ukemi, whenever what was supposed to put them there, the wrist tork...didnt work. Its like - what was the point of the whole exercise, I couldnt even break his wrist lock in order to apply pressure to tork the wrist.

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