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Making Kote Gaeshi Work - With Resistance

Kote Gaeshi was one of my favorite moves as it was one of the moves that seemed most practical and actually effective.

I had the whole deal down on how to twist/tork the wrist to make the uke go down.

Now I am about to test for my 6th & 5th kyu (make up for a test back in Dec. I didnt take) and Im practicing with other guys who will take their 5th kyu test...

What is interesting is in the past 2 sessions, 2 of the dudes have actively tried to resist kote gaeshi. Technically speaking Sensei would not have this, but it seems they think they are being 'cute' in showing they can resist the method - (to which I could pop them in the nose and show that their new found 'technique' doenst mean much in a real fight) The point is that we are supposed to be at the point at getting familar and fluid with the technique.

And if they are at the level where they want to step it up a notch perhaps they should show how to make it work against resistance.
The fact is the average person wont know what your about to do...(plus so many factors would be against what they are punching them in the nose or hitting their hand to loosen up.) it even took them months to figure out to actively fight against kote Gaeshi. I have always went with it, as there is to much danger and getting your wrist dislocated - or the feeling that it will be.

So my point is simple.
When you are going for kotegaeshi, and someones hand is stiff as a board, and the guy is stronger than do you 'break' the stiffness to get the bend needed for kote gaeshi?
Is there a pressure point?

I suppose in real life you would hit it - but in real life he wouldnt be waiting for would be tight, but not a pure resistance.




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