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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Hi John, but then, as Chris Li said, why not have a course *specifically geared toward that*? A course for women (or people) with abuse issues, or issues with close physical contact, etc?

Are only women abused? I don't think so. I know men who were traumatised in their youth, and they would NEVER join a regular aikido class with all the close physical contact. I know some who would, too...

That's a great idea! (Except for one minor detraction, that many abused folks would avoid the public exposure that this class creates, as mentioned above)
And this great idea is not mutually exclusive with the women's class idea. I think they could both happen--
Especially since the women's class is also for women who for other reasons don't feel comfortable jumping into a male-dominated class.

So, should we have this discussion again? The past is immutable so I think Chris Li's argument that this is segregation along unchageable lines is still valid.

Ultimately though, the abused person's class and the women's class have a striking, important difference-- the women's class specifically addresses an intimidation felt as a product of many males being together. In other words, excluding non-abused people may not be particularly helpful to abused people. But, that's another experiment, and I guess it is one that psychologists have probably already explored so I will shut up!

Anyway I think John Connolly has said it better than me just now, so I can cool it.
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