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John Connolly
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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Sure, I imagine many men who get into martial arts were traumatized at some point in their lives. A PTSD specialty course for men and/or women is also a reasonable suggestion.

My point is more that men dominate business, politics, and in most models, family life (at least overtly), and with this domination as well as the issues of violence and trauma, women may be easier acclimated to the dojo environ (at least to start, and only as an option, not a requirement) in a women's only class.

I teach a small/for-free/university club, and I encourage women to join, but many quit and the reason they give me often, is that they can't get past the initial discomfort (or feeling of inability or vulnerability) with working out with male ukes/nages. This has been a great disappointment to me, as I see self-defense as a right, one that should be especially afforded to women. As a male, I wouldn't presume to run a women's only class, but I would love to see those women that left go to one, and come back some day into the co-ed class with some of their fears conquered, enough to begin conquering more...

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