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John Connolly
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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Hi Ron,

I think that is great concept, however, imagine being any of the aforementioned people in those situations, AND being a woman. I think that although there are plenty of people in bad situations everywhere, women really do get the crappy side of the equation almost universally. As (a bit more than) half of the population everywhere, they are on the receiving end of violence from men a great deal more statistically than men are from themselves or from women, or than women are from women. It makes good sense, in regard to building a comfort level with confrontation (something that those of us that have been in the MAs for a while have gotten used to), such as grabbing, punching, throwing, or even simple body-to-body proximity issues, that women have a space that they feel comfortable in "getting there". If a women-only class helps to build that comfort and confidence, I believe it is a good idea.

A simple caveat: As they get comfortable with the dojo environment, it behooves women to work out with men as well, in order to learn to protect themselves, and to not get put into a state of panic if a confrontation with a male occurs.

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