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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
One thing I'm **trying** to do, is to be more consistent with my own reasoning. So I'm trying to look at this from a lot of sides, and even switch some of the parameters.
I get that, and I agree with the idea.
And I understand that this class can be interpreted as an "exception to a no-discrimination rule."

But, I really don't feel that trying to work against sexism is an emotional knee-jerk reaction. It is indeed something that I think about a lot and something that a lot of people also think about a lot.

If you would consider this class an exception to a no discrimination rule, I would say that it is an action designed to specifically address issues of confidence, intimidation, and dominance that exist specifically for some women due specifically to experiences in a sexist society that have negatively impacted them. That's why in this case it might not make sense to trade male/female for black/white, etc. Because this is specifically a class that exists because of the undeserved psychological advantage that many men enjoy with little effort, at the expense of many women having to struggle for equality. If anybody seriously make the claim that black people are so intimidated by white people that they are discouraged from joining aikido, then I guess we would have to argue again-- but at this point in the history of this male-dominated world, this particular argument of undeserved low confidence and intimidation really seems to apply to women.

ps, as Lori Snidow just mentioned, psychological barriers are not the only barriers that our society has lumped preferentially onto women's shoulders.
The harder that dojos reach out to people, the more people will get to do aikido. It is for the whole human family after all.

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