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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Starting an all-women's class

I guess one of the problems with this women's intro class idea is that these 2 very positive and feel-good messages are not the only ones that would be perceived in reality, huh?
They may...or they may not.

One thing I'm **trying** to do, is to be more consistent with my own reasoning. So I'm trying to look at this from a lot of sides, and even switch some of the parameters. What if it was black vs white. What if it was an all men's dojo. What get the idea. I guess *if* my response is well thought out, I'd better have a pretty darn good reason to make an exception to a no descrimination rule. And maybe it shouldn't be based on a knee jerk emotional reaction, but rather, something I'd actually thought through.

Ron (not saying that others haven't thought their positions through...just applying this to myself)

PS And unfortunately you lovely people reap the rewards of my inner musings...

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