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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
Actually, I remember a thread that was here some years ago, about an all male dojo. I'll have to search it out and see what I said then...I wonder how much my ideas have changed...

Here is the post that started a lot of the controversy:

Link to the entire thread in upper right hand corner.

Ugh...I read through that entire thread a couple months ago. I can't believe I read the whole thing!

Anyway...I do understand where both sides are coming from, and I agree, long-term segregation of the sexes doesn't do anyone any good. That includes all-male or all-female dojos. From what I'm gathering from some of the posts here, all-women "feeder" classes can go either way. They may be successful in attracting more women to the dojo and retaining them in the main classes...or it may turn out to be a bust.

I like training at my dojo, even though it is male-dominated. There are many times when I'm the only woman in the class. I like getting thrown around by the big guys and testing my technique on them. But since my dojo's membership is primarily male (with no female blackbelts...yet), I know it could potentially put-off some potential female students who have no previous martial art experience.

So what is wrong about having a separate intro course to "reach out" to those who may otherwise never join? It's just two classes out of the week, and the dojo has classes every day. May I also add that we also have two other noontime classes in the week which are *not* segregated?

And like I said earlier in this is kind of an experiment of sort. It may work, or it may not...

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