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Re: Starting an all-women's class

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
It can change, but is it the best change to accomplish your goal?

My parents grew up in a south where seperate was considered equal. Please note that this did not function as a "feeder system" in any way. I've gotta go with Chris and Asim here. In general, I'd have to question this way of bringing in more female students.

I think we all agree that segregation is bad-- permanent female dojos like the one I brought up in reference to Professor Goldsbury's above post are in this thread being used in to illustrate this.

This thread is about an intro course ("feeder" class), which has been pointed out in this thread to sometimes be effective in recruiting permanent female members, and sometimes unsuccessful. I feel like the arguments against segregation per se don't apply to this situation, in other words I think a women's intro class is a different thing than segregated dojos. It sounds like you guys feel differently, i.e. that feeder classes for a dojo are just the same as segregated classes. I don't think anybody here said that segregating a dojo would be a good idea--I certainly didn't mean that.
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