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Re: Knife Randori Videos

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Mr Valadez,

Your Post #301...excellent.
I'd like to second that.

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I arrested a fellow for having a knife, he was defending himself against a guy with a gun. Had the guy with the gun, not been so high, I would have been doing a homicide investigation instead.
Now, I'm from a completely different jurisdiction, so I may be asking really dumb questions: Does this mean that in the US, you can lose your self-defense rights if you commit a felony, e.g., by carrying an illegal weapon? IANAL, but I am rather sure that over here, the punishment for carrying that weapon would be dealt out independent from the use of the weapon -- and the question of whether self-defense was within the rather generous limits allowed by law would be considered without questioning whether carrying the weapon was legal. At least in theory, judges being human and all, but they usually try their best to apply the law as it should be done.

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