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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Szilard Pal wrote: View Post
Sorry if somebody has this opinion before, but I am new at aikiweb forum and I didn't read all of this post. Some days before I have found a video on youtube, see the link:

I would have only one question regarding to the video and the title of this topic:
Why use the police officers and why teach other self defense technic instructors aikido techniques, if "Aikido does not work at all in a fight"?

for example: hijikimeosae, shihonage, uchikaiten sankyo, etc.

I don't mean that aikido has to be like the presented examples because the aikido is not only the techniqe, but here are some examples that aikido techniques can be used in a fight or on the street as well.
Szilard, welcome to Aikiweb.

The biggest problem people have with aikido effectiveness are not the techniques. The techniques popup in all kind of martial arts (ex: European shionage from the very old days

The main reason people are bashing aikido for, is the training method. The way we train is not preparing us for a fight. And what I saw in the movie is not different from how we train. So I think the movie is a bad example.
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