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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Welcome to the boards Szilard Pal-
Im in Hungary as well.

All I can say, from what I have seen, is that (at least where I train) we have a more practical approach when it comes to Aikido.

If you know who sensei Imre Marton is, then Im sure you know that no one on the street would mess with him.

Point is, although Aikido shares some common points across the globe amongst practitioners, I think that perhaps in Hungary there is more focus on making it work.

- there is a lot of aikido out there that simply goes through motions, but are missing subtle techniques that just work.

- I will also say if your in a boxing ring that it may not be applicable. But truth is most fights or rumbles the people are not trying to make each other get in more trouble that way if you know what I mean



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