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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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Sorry if somebody has this opinion before, but I am new at aikiweb forum and I didn't read all of this post. Some days before I have found a video on youtube, see the link:

I would have only one question regarding to the video and the title of this topic:
Why use the police officers and why teach other self defense technic instructors aikido techniques, if "Aikido does not work at all in a fight"?

for example: hijikimeosae, shihonage, uchikaiten sankyo, etc.

I don't mean that aikido has to be like the presented examples because the aikido is not only the techniqe, but here are some examples that aikido techniques can be used in a fight or on the street as well.
I hesitate to post this - and please do not take it as a blanket dismissal of aikido or traditional JJ as a source for police tactics - but that video shows exactly the kind of thing that makes veteran officers dimiss their "defensive tactics" training as worthless on the street.

Just because someone is a cop - and a martial artist - doesn't mean they are effective on the street, or even considered as credible authorities or instructors by their fellow officers. I have personally witnessed the latter many times, and it does a great deal of damage to officer's confidence in their defensive tactics programs as a whole.
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