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Re: that word

Hi Dallas,

Originally posted by Chocolateuke
I just thought it was an abreviation for Japanness since at school that how our teacher keep say it when talking about peral harbor. Sorry Jun I really didnt know If i did then i wouldnt have said it. thx
Apology accepted, of course. I pretty much knew you weren't using it knowing it could be taken quite derogatorily. I hope, someday, your teacher will get the same message as well.

As far as knees and such go, my only knee injury that I've had so far has been from an improper breakfall where I didn't keep enough "tension" through my off-the-ground leg when I landed, causing my foot and calf to get jarred. If I remember correctly, I was off the mat for about a month after that (which was good, I think, since I was still healing from an elbow injury incurred two months before the knee injury).

-- Jun

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