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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.


On BJJ. Okay, I am tracking with what you are saying with BJJ now that you have explained it a little clearer.

I would agree with you on those points.

In my "BJJ" training, many times I will do things that are not tactically sound for good BJJ, but good for "getting back to your feet". BJJ has provided me a good forum to develop a range of things from playing a decent "blue belt" level Guard game, learning various "sport submission", and overall playing the game.

On top of that, I have also developed some skills that allow me to not play that game and to disengage or avoid the game. I focus on this alot these days.

Starting under the mount, side control, turtle in the guard and working on improving postion back to standing, or being able to access weapons.

I suppose I am fortunate being able to spend my time with BJJers that are soldiers. We use BJJ as our base, but don't specifically "roll to the play the game".

Judo is great too. I have my 8 Year old enrolled to begin his base training, so obviously I see great value in it.

However, the same criticisms could be offered toward Judo. I cringe watching guys flying in odd extended positions through the area all to avoid the ippon. Also watching guys turtle up and crawl to the edge of the mat to avoid the pin.

I think the point is to understand the constraints and context of the training and to find the value in it for what it is worth, and train in that art to get out of it what is the strength.

Isn't this what MMA is all about?

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