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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Dan Wrote:

'm going way back with various comments about the applicable MMA uses for the skills that I have been talking about for years. With you continually doubting and making statements about things as if I couldn't or was unable to understand resistive training. Mark Murray cut and pasted a series of exchanges between us that were quite comical and spoke to the cognitive dissonance well.
With me stating, over and over that this type of training is all about grappling and you repeating a sort of mantra that you can't see its value or the use of static training in anything viable in what you do. It makes a funny read, and spoke to your understanding and also of mine.
As I said recently seeing my name in a post from Don, that went on to include Ki projections and Dillmans name didn't sit well with me
Yes I did doubt the application of these skills, and to a certain degree, based on priority of training, I would still question the amount of time spent on them as it applies to MMA or "Reality". There are far too many things that go into the mix to say that I would abandon everything for the sake of internal training.

That said, the weekend I spent with Mike Sigman was worthwile, relevant, and educational. I walked away seeing the value of this type of training, and have (and will) incorporate it into my training. In a few weeks I will attend a Aunkai seminar with Rob John.

On Cognitive Dissonance, I am subject to it as much as the next guy. Why would I not be?

Is there anything wrong with doubt or questioning?

I'd have to see the exact clip or post you are referencing in order to reply your comment concerning me stating or claiming that you do not or could not understand resistance training.

Contextually, I assume that it was based on a specific point or conversation that we were debating or discussing. Yes, sometimes we say things that we later look back on and see differently.

I am intrigued that you guys would actually spend the time going back through post and PMing each other on snippets of exchanges between us. Glad I was able to provide you two some entertainment.

I'd be happy to get with you or Mark at anytime to train in a way that might lend to better understanding or communication of these concepts or ideas as they apply to MMA or Non-compliance training.

I am always available in the DC area and will also be at the Aunkai seminar at the end of the month which would be a good forum to work on such things. I plan on spending some time with Rob John (I hope) on this very subject.

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