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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Ludwig Neveu wrote: View Post
So what is your idea ? Should we just give up doing aikido because you assume that there is nothing to learn anymore ?

Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't value your opinion too much.

To me you are commiting a few important mistakes.
1- You believe that there is not much to find beyond what you saw.

2- The differences that you perceive in the learning methods do not always mean that the essential content is different.

3- You are right to insist that feedback is necessary in the learning process, and sparring is a possible method that can provide it (as Tomiki sensei structured it for example). However, other methods are also valid and efficient. For example, Hikitsuchi sensei always emphasised that practice should be made in a spirit of shinken shobu, which means that the practitionners must put themselves in the proper state of mind to push themselves to improve and eliminate mistakes mercilessly.
Don't worry, I'm not disappointed that you don't value my opinion. That would require that I value your opinion of me. Since I don't know you personally and don't recall having read any thought-provoking posts here from you, I don't. Sorry.

Anyway, you have not accurately characterized my position at all. I have never said that there is nothing more for me to learn in aikido. I have said many times that there are people in aikido with whom I would like to train further in a different format. It's just not worth it for me to go to an aikido seminar where it's not even guaranteed that I will get to to work with teacher hands-on, and even if I do I will just be expected to take fully compliant ukemi for them. At this point, I don't feel that there is much more for me to learn from that method of training.

In the other arts with which I have been involved in since I stopped regularly teaching and training in aikido, I have been able work with master-level instructors in non-fixed-role resistance training scenarios. The fact that that this training does not exist in aikido makes it a virtually useless art for me at this point given the alternatives I have. It's not that there is nothing more to learn, but just that I don't believe that it is possible right now for me to learn much more of value without engaging in certain types of training that are mostly absent from aikido.

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