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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

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Dan, I don't believe that I have ever yaked about "what others don't get and I do". If so, I'd like to have it pointed out to me as I find that highly presumptuous, patronizing, and something that I don't aspire to.

I have enough keeping up with myself, to spend my time judging others.

I look forward to maybe one day working with you as I don't tend to "roll" through Blue and Purple belts and grow bored, so apparently you have much more skill than I, so sounds like I could probably learn a great deal from you.
I'm going way back with various comments about the applicable MMA uses for the skills that I have been talking about for years. With you continually doubting and making statements about things as if I couldn't or was unable to understand resistive training. Mark Murray cut and pasted a series of exchanges between us that were quite comical and spoke to the cognitive dissonance well.
With me stating, over and over that this type of training is all about grappling and you repeating a sort of mantra that you can't see its value or the use of static training in anything viable in what you do. It makes a funny read, and spoke to your understanding and also of mine.
As I said recently seeing my name in a post from Don, that went on to include Ki projections and Dillmans name didn't sit well with me.

As for the BJJers and being bored. That's not what I said or meant. I don't want to contribute to more inaccuracies and nonsense even by an accident of misscommunication. I had to be "on my game" when I was rolling with them as they were a handful. What I was "bored" about was what I stated. It was just more wrestling to me. I was bored that I couldn't use strikes, elbows, cross facing, or a myriad of other set-ups I would normally use. It was limited force-on-force sport. I also didn't like their method of positional changes to continually go for things that were obviously not going to work or at least highly improbable. Going a hundred miles an hour to no where still leads you no where. Later I was told they get points for attempts. It's just wasn't my cup of tea. I have rolled with collegiate wrestlers who were better at setting up and following through..
As for full resistance and MMA. All of my posts through the years have always stated support for judo, BJJ and MMA. All of them. I'll say it again. All of them. I have also clearly and definitively stated you can learn these skills, but if you haven't fought, you'll never know how *too* fight. As one fellow asked on E-budo years ago 'Should he stay in aikido, or do Daito ryu to learn aiki."
I told him to "Go find a good Judo dojo, walk in and ask THEM."
He did. And stayed. Just as I thought he would.
To wrap it up, my two recent posts were to get the point across definitively, strongly and hopefully FINALLY that I advocate nothing, if not power that has a very practical and applicable use in any fully resistive combative framework. The net isn't a nice place to talk about breaking bones, knock-outs, dislocations and damage, so I don't bring it up. But, as Mr. Baggins aptly wrote... I have been there and back again.
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