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Re: The Slow Train

If you want to train externally with muscle go for it. Fast explosive power can be trained that way.

If you want to train internally your are never...going to get it that way. That's it, and thats all.
You have to train slowly to re-train the way you use your body. In fact I'd advocate and do extremely slow training to burn it in, and also to make no steps in awareness. Over time you can start to ramp up the speed and monitor that you are not firing shoulders and chest or chambering the hips. The end result is the same -to be moving smoothly and extremely fast in quick positional change-ups and delivery power, whether it be in strikes, or throws or chokes.
So while I tend to agree with Kevin, I would never go down that road till after I spent a whooole lot of time retraining. This stuff is for the guy with a long view. A real thinker. It isn't for a meathead or some person just discovering the realities of real fighting who is all enamored of a grappling and feels a need to roll.
So here is the same ol me singing the same old tune. Aiki training first! But if you don't know how to fight or have trained to fight-than you don't know how to fight. Period.

That said in the end the internal guy, who will then take the time to learn to actually fight his way out of a paper bag, or had previously learned to fight and then learned internal power will be the best fighter over the long term, In the end his power will go up. The other guys will just grow old. Away from fighting, he will outwork, outlast and remain healthier as well. It's a win win.
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