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Re: Bullying

Thank you all for replying.
There seems to be 2 sub-threads, the main one is on how to counteract or neutralize bullyies, and a 2nd surprising thread on bullying with Aikido dojos.

As to the main topic - how to counteract bullyies
I agree with your many comments, teach all individuals to be strong; mentally, emotionally, and yes spiritually. I've done this in special ed high schools, and of course with my own 5 kids. Strength, as I teach it, is not just physical strength, but what I call strategic strength; out-think your enemy.

Practical hints:
Do not take it personal; see it as a sign of the bully's insecurities and fears.

The 2nd topic surprised me - bullying within Aikido dojos.
I experienced this but was reluctant to talk about it. Over the last 4 decades I've participated in 5 Dojo's. Only 1 left me ashamed. The sensei is 4th Dan which I used to think meant something, but I no longer do. Most of his clients were police officers. They have a 'macho' attitude, which unfortunately seeped into the thinking of the sensei. One night during training, with a fairly new trainee, I don't fault him, he executed a maneuver which came close to dislocating my shoulder. The pain kept me from practicing for about 6 months. But, since I love Aikido, I often went to sessions, just to watch and listen. I soon picked up on the attitude of the sensei that "some students need to be 'put in their place'". Pure simple bullying, by a 4th dan!

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