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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Hi Don
Rereading the initial post and the subsequent ones left me with the same impression. Mentioning me in the same post with Ki projections and Dillman made my radar go up.
In the later posts you and Kevin both go on to discuss the "possibility" or the idea that maayybe... internal power can used in MMA, BJJ etc. Understandable you can only speak from your limited experiences in that regard.
I repeat, that there were men who were combining wrestling, Judo, MT. FMA with sticks and knives when I was growing up. The "new" idea of MMA is a very old one to me. I'm glad you guys are finally convinced.
Welcome to the club.

FWIW I had to learn and build internal skills and use them in a Judo dojo and have played with many 2nd, 3rd and one fifth dan. And have been playing with BJJers since there were no BJJ schools. I went to an award winning BBJ school recently and went through 4 blue belts and two purple belts while only stopping once. No one got a single technique off. It was no gi, Most of them were actually from Brazil-there is a big immigrant pool here I know quite a few from the construction sub trades. It was fun seeing the look on their face with a 50 yr old rolling with them. While it is fun I find it highly limited, and more of a sport-to-sport and VERY open to strikes. I was bored in that I couldn't use any strikes, elbows etc. MMA training is better in my view.
I'm not out to convince you or Kevin about internal power. If you don't mind I will offer you an observation. While many times yaking about what others don't get and you do, be mindful of that fact that your new realizations may just be making you another of the last kids on the bus, not the first. Its great but thousands were doing these things for years.
As for the internals and the significants of what it can being to H2H combatives? As Kevins signature line from Patton states "Watching what others are sceptical about frequently reveals what they lack."
Some day you two may be just two more kids on -that- bus as well. I'd strongly suggest going down that road. But...well, you know. You've heard all that before from me for about fourteen years now.
It's a big world, and life can deliver surprises.
Good luck in your training

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