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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Interesting points on pedagogy GDP...

i kinda like your analogy on BJJ and Aikido.

Reminds me of painting.

AIkido would maybe be the equivilant of learning all the technical aspects of painting. Selecting the right paint brush, practicing your strokes, practicing blending colors....over and over again, but you are never allowed to actuallly paint a picture until you've mastered the "basics".

So you practice this stuff over and over again.

BJJ would maybe be the equivilant of "finger painting". You give the kids the paint, you spread paper out around and you tell them to paint whatever they want.

I see this same thing repeated constantly in our school systems from art, to learning how to write.

It is more important to teachers and education that our kids make perfect block letters than they learn how to write stories or novels first.

Many would argue that it is important to have a foundation first, before diving in the water.

Others take the opposite approach.

Who is right? I tend to like the sink or swim philosophy of diving in. I think you learn quicker.

But, others have done very well with the other method too, maybe not as well enmass...but it works.

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