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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
I tend to think I would not be as good as I am without the exposure, (which isn't saying much).

Is it special? I don't know, I think many athletes currently do many of the things that I have seen Mike do. That said, Mike is a specialist, and does more of it, better and more concentrated than anyone else I have worked with.
Hi Kevin:

But in most ways I'm not so much a specialist, which I've tried to make clear as someone who happened upon some odd movement skills that I followed up on for many years. What I would probably hope is that most of the people who can see the things I've condensed is the "aha... there is something there. The ki/kokyu things weren't just rhetorical comments that we took as ritualistic, quasi-religious comments, after all". Hopefully the logic made sense, but to the point that people think they'll explore it, not to the extent that they'll think that I somehow represent a respectable level of expertise in the skills in general.

I assume that someone really good in the skills and who trains in pure martial arts with them (instead of the hobby/exploratory level that is probably as high as I can ever reach) would use the advantages to excel in their chosen martial art. As you could see, there were some distinct advantages. Think what would happen to someone who truly capitalized on the advantages. But also, I'd suggest that there were more advantages than I could show in one weekend.


Mike Sigman
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