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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

I tend to agree with Dan's logic.

That said, I have been able to work "a little" of the training that I recieved from Mike Sigman into my practice. It has, I think, made me a little better at what I do.

Could I take what I learned and go to the olympics with it at 43 years old and dominate the competition. No, there is much more involved in martial arts than internal skills lend to I think.

Some may be holding out the internal skills as a "end all, be all" to everything. I think not, and those that I have worked with have not professed that it is, simply that it is additive to what I am doing.

It is hard to apply a constant logic to the equation as so many other factors come into play martially.

I tend to think I would not be as good as I am without the exposure, (which isn't saying much).

Is it special? I don't know, I think many athletes currently do many of the things that I have seen Mike do. That said, Mike is a specialist, and does more of it, better and more concentrated than anyone else I have worked with.

Sort of like Golf I guess. Tiger Woods is good, but he may not be the best person to learn how to putt from. there might be a better coach or someone that simply putts better on average than him.

That doesn't mean that that guy could beat Tiger Woods at Golf!

I think the logic works more this way than trying to empirically show that it is totally superior in competition to all other factors involved.

I do tend to follow your logic though and seems like that you would see someone that stood head and shoulders above the rest.

Maybe they are already there, and they are not letting us in on their secret. Would you tell everyone if you were training, getting an edge and beating everyone?

I wouldn't until the money dried up and then I'd open my own school start training guys AND still keep my methods of training a secret!

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