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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Ron Tisdale wrote: View Post
I don't think he meant that as a slam to what you do, Dan. I think he was just gaffing on the whole Dilman, Sakernoski, Japanese Ki Master gets toasted on you tube thingy.

I'm sure that if Don wanted to slam you, he'd mention you directly

Ron (at least I think so...)
True, I did not mean to slam Dan at all.

Sorry Dan if you felt I was slaming you. The ki projection stuff was just an example in relation to a post that said even if someone like you won the olympics in judo doing something unique that people would not train it. I was showing how something as obtuse as shooting energy into me from 15 feet away with mind bullets if done in a public setting such as that would sway me to train in it.

Truthfully, I have no idea what you can and can't do. People here have met with you and say you can do what you say you can do. I'm fine with that. The fact that you can do something is not the point of my post. My post directly relates to why people don't take things like this seriously.

If I told my judo instructor that I knew a guy who could stand there and be unthrowable to the top judoka around, he would laugh. He would tell me I'm crazy or stupid. In fact he has ever right to do so. He has been around the block so to speak. He's not going to travel even an hour to see something like that. In his mind, the answer already exists. It would be no different then if I told my bjj class that I knew a guy who was immune to chokes. They would laugh at me. Nobody is going to waste their time to go check.

Now, if they were watching the Olympics and saw a guy who obviously was doing something different, be unthrowable and drop every opponent effortlessly, they would take notice. They would start to care and would bother to drive that distance to see it for themselves. The same with the UFC. If a guy showed up who could drop every single opponent he fought with 1 punch, even from the bottom of the mount, well you better believe fighters would be coming from all around to train with that guy (Or the UFC might kill him for killing their ratings).

We live in a information age, where things can spread very fast as long as they are creditable. Our expectations of credibility have grown well beyond word of mouth stories or personal videos. This has no bearing on your skills at all. But the fact still reasons that if you say you have it and even have other people who will back up that you have it, 99% of the world will still think you are full of bull.

I think Kano knew this. He knew if he could win the hearts of the martial artists out there, he could eventually win their minds. As judo spread around the world, it's chief goal of mutual benefit and welfare played second fiddle to the combat application of the art. Then, once it had established itself in mainstream culture it began to work on it's principles. Had kano lived longer, I think we would of seen more of those principles. To me the real goal of judo was to teach the scientific method, preserve a dying culture, and foster peace. It masquerades all that behind a sport and fighting system.

Ueshiba also did this in his own crazy way. He used word of mouth as kano did, abit on a smaller scale. His method however would not work so well today as not many people are up to traveling and challenging. It seems most challengers came to him, unlike kano who sent his students all over the world to make challenges. Aikido did this to some extent, but not nearly on the scale of judo. However, even the limited exposure though public exhibitions and challenges helped aikido grow to where it is today.

So my point is to say you have X skill does nothing to foster the tradition of that skill. To sit back and say "Well I can do it, if you want to find out come see me.", will not foster the growth of the art, only insure that it dwindles along with the risk of becoming lost like so many other things. It also gives an illusion of bullshido even if it is not. I mean seriously, if I started saying I could defeat bjj black belts from inside the side mount with a single strike, but I didn't care to promote it because I didn't want the exposure, people would not believe me. I would have a skill that no one else on the planet has ever demonstrated. At this point logic dictates I am not telling the truth. I could even show it to a handful of people, and they could show it to a few people and we could all talk about how great it is, but until it's shown in a large venue, the majority is still going to say it is a scam of some sort. I understand I am exaggerating, but it is for effect.

So in conclusion, Dan, I'm sorry if I offended you. I make no claims against your training, skills or abilities. I do not know if you have them or not. I have read what others have said and it is clear you have skills they find very useful. I have not the time nor the money to come find out for myself, so I will not make comment on that. My posts here were not directed at you in any way, My comment were directed to those who can't understand why the world is not coming around. The answer is simply that if you want people to change their minds, you have to give them reason to change their minds. Words, antidotes, and claims will never accomplish this, no matter how much truth is behind them. Gandi didn't talk about how we should all be. He went out there in the public light and made an example of it. On a much lessor scale, the Gracies just didn't say that ground fighting was neglected in modern martial arts and that they had a system that would change the world, they went out and changed it. I'm not saying you need to step up and go out there and fight in the UFC or win a judo competition. I'm saying that if people want this to be taken seriously, if they really want to change people, then at some point somebody is going to have to.

And yes, I try my best to be direct (but sometimes I end up wordy). If I thought you were full of it, I'd say it without pause.

- Don
"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough" - Albert Einstein
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