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Re: Generalteaching

Anne Marie,

Good ideas. I've added a section on the need for background checks. I'm not sure what to say, exactly, about reporting procedures, but I think you're correct in believing it needs to be there.

This actually made me think of another issue: re-certification. I added that as well. It occurred to me that some of the issues that I've heard about were with teachers who had initially been certified who later developed serious issues which led to problems.

Several external resources have been pointed to in the various discussions as well. It seems to me that these external resources need to be recognized, even though some of them are not directly Aikido related. They tend to be referring to organizations with similar issues. So VIRTUS Online is the first entry in an "External Resources" section.


It did occur to me that some of the external references may have a problem with us referencing them. I'll try to do some due diligence, there. But be assured that my feelings will not be hurt if you feel the need to delete such a reference for issues which didn't occur to me.