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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Hey Don whats up with the slam??
Ki projection knockouts that "you don't believe in" have not one single thing to do with what I am doing or talking about. But the best place to learn that is on the business end of a pair of 5 oz gloves.
All due respect-and I mean that, get over yourself.
I was advocating MMA and live training looong before most of you guys ever brought it up, and was hammered, slammed, defamed, and doubted for continually doing so.
Now, add to that-that I am the very same person, telling you that internal power was the engine that continually increased my power through the early nineties to today. Currently no one will let me hit them more than once, and the last guy who doubted my short power ability was a BJJ purple belt who got it from me flat on my back with no room to chamber or use my elbows. It was a straight shot from zero to his side. He sat out for three rounds. You can add that to my list of broken bones and knockouts over the years. I'll see If I can get his name. You can ask him him if my "ki projection created rainbows in the air" or if I just knocked the living SH#@ out of him from a no inch punch.
I don't mind the sarcasm and disdain, but its a little late in the game for you to be making these off-hand, dismissive comments with a readership who have all felt it up close.
I've been around a long time. Other than the internet, I've not met anyone in person who has rolled with me, who took me for a lightweight, a fruitcake, or anything other than a very practical hands-on grappler/ headhunter in person.
I'd prefer it if you paid attention or just passed me by.
I give out more respect to you and Kevin than I have ever received in kind. Mostly because I read and pay attention.
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