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Re: Techniques for Demonstration

I would have always loved a demo started in suwari waza. Some things in the background that suggest a Japan scenario, with a rack holding bokken's and jo's, and 2 Aikidoka in seiza, one in front of the other, drinking some tea. All of the sudden one of the two attacks the other and there starts a little suwari waza between the 2. After a little while another couple of people come in and do a little bit of hanmi handachi. After that the Aikidoka's can go and get the weapons to do a little bit of weapons.
All this is not taking too long, just a visual demo while someone on the side explain to the people what Aikido is, it's origin and the relation with weapon...nothing too long, just a very short intro.

From there I would go to a more classical demo (including a demo with beginners, so not to scare who might be interested in the art), not forgetting that in the crowd there is various kind of people so adding also attacks that might attract the younger "hot heads" like kicks and jabs.
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