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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Well as far as _that_ book, I will decline for the time being on starting a new thread to discuss it because my eventual goal is for that topic to be my first published book. I just want to manifest these principles physically first before I dare do so (and many of you are all going to help me with my goal in seminars!).

As far as the transmission of a certain skill set being broken. It is my current thought that the transmission of that skill set in the most direct way - was most likely forbidden due to rules of giri - and that aikido was dedicated to transmission of that skill set in every other means possible. He used many uchideshi to transmit by means of kinesthetic perception. He used principles expressed in the "language" (for lack of a better term) of kotodama to explain them. I'm blessed with a teacher who is both mental genious enough to actually understand kotodama and physical genious enough to process what he learned by means of kinesthetic perception (for 10 years in a Yamaguchi sensei's private dojo for I believe yondan and above only) and still the best he can do is guide me with what he is doing, disallow me from burning in what I'm doing wrong (by not letting us practice any technique too long, but remaining focused on the principles), and give me as much instruction on the theory as my littler/more feeble brain can handle at a time. Now I have Dan to help me fill in many gaps, and I am very optimistic. So many things Gleason sensei has been telling me and showing me all these years makes more sense and I am starting to approach my own ability to manifest the principles myself (outside of his classes where he controls the environment for learning).

As far as convincing a bunch of people. Consider that if Dan shows up to a judo competition and blows everyone away, thousands will be "believers" but how many will actually show up and train, and continue to train in that new way? Maybe 3 or 4. Well, the thing is, that those 3 or 4 people will just go seek out people like Dan themselves, so why should people like Dan bother with dealing with the millions of questions from the thousands who aren't going to be really serious about changing. Well, that's how I see it...


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