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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Brian Northrup wrote: View Post
I think that this statement misses the point. I am reading a good book right now called the "Secret Teachings of Aikido" by O'SENSEI, translated by John Stevens, it is fairly new from Kodansha, but i believe that it hits AIKIDO right on the head, figuratively speaking of course anyway that is just my two cents worth.
I think this book is very important! It doesn't seem to get much fanfare, which is, I think because folks are so worried about technique and find O-Sensei's spirituality to be difficult. But so what else is new? The deshi largely didn't get it, by their own admissions. But for anyone who wants to understand what I mean when I talk about "O-Sensei's Aikido" this book is a must! It's got to more than double the amount of O-Sensei's words which have been translated into English.

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