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hibi shoshon
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Freaky! knee injury

Hello, my name is Laura and I'm 23. I've been practising aikido for two years now in Spain and currently my "meniscus" is injured so I can't practice for some months.

I injured my knee for the first time while skiing, then last year while I practised aikido in the Netherlands and now I don't know how I have broken my "meniscus".

I see there are lots of people with knee injuries because of martial arts and I wonder: is it just because we (the injured ones) don't practise the way it is? I mean, as the occidental culture is so different from the western one, the way we walk, the way we sit down... maybe I just don't understand quite good how to control the weight of my body, and I force my knees too much... I guess Japanese practicants do not have such injuries, or at least not so much as we do.

All the advices you people give here are so good, I think I'm starting wearing a knee band and just take it easy, practice carefully and learn slowly but doing it well.

hibi shoshon
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