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Steve Peters
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Re: Gokyu Test T minus 13 days

Peter Chenier wrote: View Post
Well last week I found out that I am grading for gokyu on May 5...
Good luck! I just finished my Gokyu test a couple of hours ago. Other than a minor brain cramp on the first technique, everything went OK.

During the test, my ukes where all pretty generous with their ukemi. Is you concern about resistance due to what you are seeing in class? I noticed a few months back that the level of resistance in class that I regularly saw was increasing. People who attacked nicely and went down easily stopped doing so. I realized quickly I needed to refine my techniques to advance. That really worked to help me before the test. Hopefully what you are seeing in class is what you are concerned about. I'm also hoping that the extra resistance will help you with your techniques too.
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