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Re: Gokyu Test T minus 13 days

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In most tests i've seen (in atleast two different styles), it is stressed that uke does NOT resist you during the test. uke should know this before performing on the test with you. uke typically has a responsibility to help you look good as nage during your examination not to make it difficult for you. ask your sensei about this...i'm curious what he'll say.

best regards and good luck!

Well, for 6th kyu or 5th kyu there is generally little consideration for your ability to display your expertise in technique and show your control. The expectation is that you have little expertise or control. So the main thing people want to see is that you have the general flow of what is supposed to happen and demonstrate vitality.

I grade kyu tests now and again. I expect students to attack with full power - but I want level appropriate attackers. If a yondan attacks a 5th kyu, the only control we are watching is the yondan's. But for say 2nd and 3rd kyu tests, I expect 2nd and 3rd kyu ukes attacking with everything they got (into the completely symbolic attack - like shomenuchi)

I agree with Lan Powers in terms of advice to the OP (or any 5th kyu tester). Work the entrance and get the unbalancing based on how you have been shown to do it. If you have to resort to hitting the uke or yanking them then either you have missed your entrance, your uke is not attacking in such a way that lends itself to the specified technique, or if that isn't the case and it's still not working then work with your sempai before and after every class because you most likely missed what was shown.

If you stay with aikido you'll doubtfully be doing any of those techniques the same way as you progress. So I recommend displaying understanding of the terms, safety for yourself and your partner, and vitality.


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