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Re: Popkin Roppokai DRAJJ in South Florida 4.22-23

Howard Popkin wrote: View Post
1) Newcaslte - Great
2) My sashimi, some of the freshest anywhere, but not pretty
3) Comparing my skills to Okamoto ???????????

Thanks for the compliments, but actually I find that sort of embarrassing. I hope to one day I have a bit of what Okamoto has, but thanks

See you soon,

Sure, Howard, but from my perspective...Where in any given technique you might have to (perceptively) move your arm, and Sensei has to move his pinky finger, I'm still at the stage where I have to use a baseball bat to get the same effect!

Fine, ya want criticism of the seminar? I didn't like it, since "I didn't get to feel ribs break!"

Rob MacPherson
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