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Howard Popkin
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Re: Popkin Roppokai DRAJJ in South Florida 4.22-23

Rob MacPherson wrote: View Post
...a jackhammer that runs exclusively on Newcastle Brown Ale

As for the rest of the review, I concur with you Don and I would recommend attending a DR Roppokai seminar to any aikidoka looking to take their practice to the next level. Howard is approachable and he's got skills (like his teacher, actually!). Plus he makes a mean maguro sashimi...

The Florida seminar was great, despite missing Okamoto-sensei...and Jun, nice to finally meet ya!

1) Newcaslte - Great
2) My sashimi, some of the freshest anywhere, but not pretty
3) Comparing my skills to Okamoto ???????????

Thanks for the compliments, but actually I find that sort of embarrassing. I hope to one day I have a bit of what Okamoto has, but thanks

See you soon,

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