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Originally posted by ian
I'm not into 'oral tradition'. To me understanding comes through training. Aikido can evolve through training, but too much talk can make it 'mystical'.
Thanks for the excellent reply. You bring up the other side of the coin for the verbose dojo. People who learn one thing thing verbally and another physically. So I guess you end up with a balance.
Not teaching enough verbally, and with a wide enough base, you have people that may only learn to chuck people around, and have manners, without the chance to really see how to apply aikido to their lives. Okay for some, a waste for those who would like more.
And you also get the soapbox mystics who babble incoherently about things longer than they actually practice them. Another not so useful thing. Trading verbal tradition like this often happened for me at McDonald's after practice. I still must insist that it is important, though. The context of budo is inseparable from its content. (we still learn shomen techniques. How many people have been mugged with a shomen strike??) The verbal aspect is a great chance to fill out that background...
just some thoughts.

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