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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Christopher Froba wrote: View Post
this really makes me laugh, i.e., the guy you are talking about had to train in JKD to make his Aikido more effective
Funny you should say that, because my thinking about Aikido since coming back has been informed by my experince in the JKD universe, specifically Sifu Dan's mantra of "No one art has all the answers but everything has something to offer." Aikido has something to offer. Figuring out what that is is another matter! Simple idea, but a lot of work to realize it.

.... you basically prove the point that an Aikidoka who has no other martial arts background is going to have some trouble in the translation from dojo to actual combat ....
Maybe .... but neither of us is a Aikidoist with no other experience, so neither of us can really say one way or the other.
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