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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

this really makes me laugh, i.e., the guy you are talking about had to train in JKD to make his Aikido more effective

i started in Aikido to shodan, trained in Daito-Ryu & now train at a JKD Concepts school

i am almost ready to come back to Aikido

anyway, you basically prove the point that an Aikidoka who has no other martial arts background is going to have some trouble in the translation from dojo to actual combat

the length & timeframe of this thread simply demonstrates why this debate will never end

James Cavin wrote: View Post
There's no way i'm reading the entire

So i'll make it brief, even though i'm probably feeding the troll.

I used to practice in "MMA" under the Ajarn Chai, Inosanto, and Suwanda lineage of martial arts. One of the instructors at my school trained in aikido as well as the UFA. He was very, very good at both. His passion was in the arts.

Long story short, i've seen him use his aikido in crazy ways on the ground. Ikkyo, sankyo, etc using silat spins. Just stuff like that.

It's all in how you train. The more you train the more you'll start to realize that.
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