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There's few things worse than wanting to be different than you are just now.

I couldn't agree more with this and I would go so far as to have it read:

there's few things worse than wanting to be what someone else wants you to be.

I'll italicize my humor in the future (the above isn't) as it seems not everyone gets my dry sarcastic wit or maybe you do. You'd think but it just doesn't always happen that way.

My specific point in the conditioning realm is one of perception. Both Evelyn and Norman pointed it out very clearly, albeit, unintentionally (why we should listen to beginners). People expect to see a martial artist be in good shape. Right or wrong, it's what they expect. Once, you do it a bit, you may decide that grabbing someone's wrist and throwing them doesn't even mean a whole lot as I've pretty much done.

But walking in the door for the first time, that first perception can be a killer. I know for a fact that when I started had the head instructor been really overweight as he later became I would not have signed up. Good or bad, it's what would have happened.

I think both of us are making valid points. Yours is one of acceptance mine is one of promotion.
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